“Vol. 4: Le Laboratoire”

August 23 – September 5, 2017
10, rue des Pénitents bleus ­– 13001 Marseille

With : Alex Ayed, Robert Brambora, Beth Collar, Vincent Ceraudo, Basile Ghosn, Agata Ingarden, Hamish Peazrch, Real Madrid, Max Richter, Romain Sarrot, Roni Shneior, Romain Vicari.

Hamish Pearch, How Things Hold Together, 2017
Exhibition view with works by Agata Ingarden, Robert Brambora
Exhibition view with works by Romain Sarrot, Beth Collar
Exhibition view with works by Real Madrid, Hamish Pearch, Basile Ghosn
Exhibition view with works by Robert Brambora, Beth Collar
Beth Collar, Seriously, 2017
Alex Ayed, Installation view
Basile Ghosn, Ville invisible 1, 2016
Real Madrid Collective, You make the program for life, you make the program, 2017
Robert Brambora, Rat Heaven & The old boy and the see, 2017
Max Richter, Flutschi, 2016
Basile Ghosn, Untitled, 2017
Beth Collar, Seriously, 2017
Vincent Ceraudo, Observatory, 2016

This exhibition is characterized by the importance of its container: the place as the starting point. A space where everything seems familiar, furnished and populated with everyday elements – faucets, sinks and worktops – but somehow everything seems out of place.

Within this evocative universe, this bunker that visitors discover after taking a few steps, each art–piece responds to each other, evokes a thousand narrations and topoi of pop culture: there an alien came to look for his guinea pig among mankind, here an archaeological myth readapted. They relate the world, the paranormal, the distortion of space and time, the Anthropocene, the nuclear age, science–fiction, and so on.
Artists invent their own chimeras, reflects their amused, terrified visons or simply express their curiosity about the most recent scientific experiments, questioning our relationship to ethics.