SDX – 11, rue Vaucouleurs – 75011 Paris

with : John M Armleder, Neil Beloufa, Maya Furh, Hadrien Gérenton, Antoine Grulier, Victor Guti, Lorena Prain, Cédric Rivrain, Romain Sarrot, Juliette Seydoux, Orfeo Tagiuri.

Exhibition view of Sans Filtre
Exhibition view with works of Cédric Rivrain and Neil Beloufa
Exhibition view of Sans Filtre
Victor Guti
Juliette Seydoux, Bloody Highway, 2016
Antoine Grulier, Untitled, 2017
Neil Beloufa, Untitled, 2016
Exhibition view of Sans Filtre

We all match is a book/object thought of by the artist Juliette Seydoux. In a giant matchbox designed by her, the artist, has gathered about twenty silk screen drawings.

This collection has been edited to a certain number of copies.
As part of the launch of this book the artist entrusted Sans titre (2016) with the keys of her workshop to organize a collective exhibition bringing together established and emerging artists, just like her previous exhibitions.

Sans filtre is a smoking hot group show about incandescence, fire, heat and the frenzy.

During the time of juice cleanses, the exposed artists take the counterpoint of this politically correct attitude and propose “smoking” works.