Sans titre (2016) presents
“Canard au Sans”

November 9 – December 20, 2017
15, rue du Vertbois, 75003 Paris

With: Will Benedict, Keith Boadwee & Club Paint, Nick Fisher, Jade Fourès–Varnier et Vincent de Hoÿm, Matthieu Haberard, Agata Ingarden, Lauren Keeley, Victor Levai, Grant Levy Lucero, Tammo Lunemann, Hubert Marot, Jonathan Monk, Claes Oldenburg, Hamish Pearch, Paloma Proudfoot, Real Madrid, Tanja Ritterbex, Cédric Rivrain, Romain Sarrot.

Exhibition view of Canard au Sans
Exhibition view of Canard au Sans
Exhibition view with works of Will Benedict, Claes Oldenburg, Paloma Proudfoot
Exhibition view with works of Will Benedict, Matthieu Haberard, Hamish Pearch
Exhibition view of Canard au Sans
Works by Grant Levy-Lucero
Exhibition view of Canard au Sans
Works by Tanja Ritterbex and Agata Ingarden
Work by Agata Ingarden
Exhibition view of Canard au Sans
Works by Jonathan Monk
Claes Oldenburg, Please don’t eat, 1966
Will Benedict, The Bed That Eats and Claes Oldenburg, Please don’t eat, 1966
Hamish Pearch, Everyday, 2017 and Matthieu Haberard, Attrape rat 4- Insomnia Park, 2017
Exhibition view with works of : Real Madrid, Jade Fourès-Varnier & Vincent de Hoÿm, Tammo Lunemann, Will Benedict, Grant Levy-Lucero, Hamish Pearch, Paloma Proudfoot
Grant Levy-Lucero, Marty’s Market Gatorade, Marty’s Market C&Sugar, Marty’s Market Mayonnaise, 2017 and Will Benedict, Carrot, 2017
Real Madrid, Amnesia Bar, 2017 and Tammo Lunemann, Untitled, 2013 and Jade Fourès-Varnier et Vincent de Hoÿm
Lauren Keeley, Table for one, 2016
Agata Ingarden, Still Alive - Mates (The Crabs in the Tank), 2017 and Cédric Rivrain, Huître, 2016 and Romain Sarrot, Bêche, 2017
Romain Sarrot, Bêche, 2017
Keith Boadwee & the Club Paint, A Lobster Smoking a Cigarette, 2017
Paloma Proudfoot, Strokers, 2017

Welcome to “Canard au Sans”! For this 5th volume, Sans titre (2016) entrusted the keys of its new ephemeral address to nineteen international artists. In developing the theme that is as old as the history of art – food and its consumption, they are recreating a place both familiar and strange, a decor.

The meal ­– as envisioned in the purest tradition of French gastronomy – is it not the reflection of a lapped stage? Punctuated by codified acts that, depending on the
tastes of each, are sometimes marked by a rising acme?

The act of eating is reminiscent of the theatrical; it arouses the most varied and exacerbated emotions for those who have the taste of it: joy, satisfaction, feeling of fullness, euphoria, astonishment and discovery or, on the contrary the feeling of disgust, chocking, and discomfort. It belongs to the realm of the necessary as well as the luxury and affects the spirit but also its envelope. It also involves a risk, even more precisely when we ingest something that we have not even prepared. It is the diversity of all of these situations that the presented artists explore.

Throughout the exhibition, the practice will be linked to the theory during special evenings where visitors will be invited to taste dishes created by artists and chefs or even attend performances involving tastings.